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Oh, dear

I should really be keeping more of an eye on this community. *dusts it off*

Here's some Tira/Chocolat porn someone sent me in the meantime~

by Rann Aridorn

Chocolate Misu sighed as she slumped into the hotel room. Her sister Tira, walking in behind her, closed and locked the door before walking over to Chocolate, who had plopped down on a stool, hands limp in her lap, hanging her head.
"Stupid idiot," Chocolate whispered.
Tira sighed as well, putting her hands on her sister's shoulders and rubbing slowly. "Yeah."
"Carrot doesn't even think of EITHER of us before he... he..."
"I know, I know..." The pink-haired girl pushed the redhead's teal jacket down to massage more fully, Chocolate mmming quietly and moving her arms to let the jacket hit the floor. Tira worked her fingers deep into the bare skin of her sister's shoulders and upper arms, seeking out the little knots of tension. "Men."
"Yeah," Chocolate agreed softly. "Men."
Tira continued her slow, methodical massage, working away the tension in Chocolate's arms and upper back. As she arrived at the top of Chocolate's strapless pink top, she slipped her hands around, smoothly sliding them into her sister's top and cupping her breasts. Chocolate gasped, then tilted her head back to look at Tira, smiling.
"Tiraaaaa... we haven't done this since we were fourteen..."
Tira chuckled softly, pushing Chocolate's top down until it fell to pile around the redhead's waist, then again cupping Chocolate's large breasts, kneading softly. Chocolate moaned, licking lips gone dry, then slowly stood and turned around. "I gotta go to the bathroom, though... get ready for me?"
"You bet," Tira purred, slipping her arms around her sister, their lips opening at they met, tongues moving to meet one, twirling around one another in a hot, wet dance. Chocolate only drew away with great reluctance, a shimmering line of saliva connecting their lips for a moment before drifting away. Tira and Chocolate smiled at one another as Chocolate backed away, then hurried into the bathroom.
She emerged a few moments later, having left her clothes in the bathroom, to find Tira lounging on her side on the bed, equally nude, propped up on one elbow and smiling. Chocolate smiled as well, running over and jumping onto the bed, bouncing several times, several parts of her body taking longer to stop bouncing than the rest of her. Tira laughed, and started tickling the other girl, who squealed with laughter and started tickling back. In no time, both of them were squirming and rolling around on the bed, laughing.
They finally stopped, arms around each other, giggling, Chocolate lying on top of Tira. The redhead smiled down at her sister, then leaned her head down to kiss her deeply. Tira mmmed, opening her mouth and moving her tongue to meet Chocolate's. Mmmming, the redhead sucked on her sister's hot, wet tongue, moving so that she could feel their breasts rubbing together and smooth skin sliding against smooth skin.
"Mmmm... remind me why we haven't done this since we were fourteen...?" Tira murmured against Chocolate's lips in between kisses, then both sisters murmured, in perfect unison, "Carrot." They both broke into fresh laughter, which trailed into more kisses, fingertips exploring the topography of backs and sides, finding the little changes the years had wrought. Tira almost purred into Chocolate's mouth as the redhead stroked her hips. 'Oooo, she hasn't forgotten that I love that...' Tira let her hands slide down Chocolate's back. 'Haven't forgotten just what you like either, sis...' With that thought, the pink-haired girl grabbed Chocolate's firm, smooth buttocks in her hands, squeezing and kneading hard, and receiving a loud moan into her mouth as a reward. The redhead kept up the gentle, almost feathery carresses, stroking her fingers lightly across her sister's skin, while the pink-haired girl was doing all she could to beat the other's muscles into submission, digging her fingers into whatever firm flesh she could find and massaging hard. Chocolate's pleasured moans were getting louder and louder, and Tira could feel her skin tingling all over, her sex completely and sopping wet, besides feeling her sister dripping on her.
"Oh, God, Tira," Chocolate whimpered, starting to go a bit limp in her sister's arms, melting under the rough love. Tira smiled, moving back to the redhead's firm ass and kneading harder. Chocolate whimpered, then managed to pull herself up enough to reposition herself, straddling Tira's face, pulling her sister's legs apart. The redhead let her tongue trail lightly across the pink-haired girl's smooth-shaven sex, flicking it almost teasingly over the glistening pink folds. She yelped pleasurably as she felt Tira give sharp little nips at her clit and labia in response, then gasped and moaned loudly as she felt Tira's tongue plunge deep into her.
Breathing hard, her breasts heaving against her sister's firm stomach, Chocolate kept up her soft carresses, sliding the tip of her tongue along the soft skin to the sides of Tira's labia, dusting soft kisses over the little nub of Tira's clit. She moaned as she began to buck her hips back against her sister's hard tongue-fucking, and resisted the urge to respond in kind. Instead, she lowered her head further, sucking softly on Tira's sex, drawing back slowly to let the pink labia slide past her warm, soft lips. She almost cried out as she felt Tira resume kneading her buttocks deeply.
Tira panted hard into Chocolate's pussy, nearly being driven insane by her sister's slow, delicate oral attentions, and loving every minute of it. She used her grip on Chocolate's firm ass to draw herself closer, mashing her face against her sister's sopping cunt and thrusting her tongue in as hard and fast as she could. She heard Chocolate lose what control she had of her voice and cry out, alerting half the hotel to her ecstasy, but at this point, Tira didn't really care. She raised a hand up to slap it down against one firm asscheek and heard another pleasured cry in response. Tira almost growled into Chocolate's hot pussy as she felt those maddeningly soft and slow touches of a hot, wet tongue resume.
It wasn't too much longer before both girls were screaming and cumming hard, Tira thrashing around in the throes of ecstasy, barely held in place by Chocolate's arms and legs, and Chocolate locking up still, her scream more like a long, loud moan, her head thrown back and eyes squinched closed, her sex coating Tira's face in her honey. After long minutes of pleasure shooting throughout their bodies, the sisters went limp, both panting. Chocolate quickly rolled over so that Tira could breathe deeper and easier. They turned towards one another and snuggled up close, arms and legs entangling, sweat-slick skin making it easier for their bodies to naturally fit together. They traded short, soft kisses, occassionally breaking into soft, happy little giggles.
"Let's not wait years before doing that again, okay?" Chocolate whispered, smiling at her sister, eyes sparkling.
Tira giggled and nodded, giving the other girl a squeeze. "You got it. Better not make a habit of it, though... you've still got that thing for Carrot, after all."
Chocolate smirked, giving Tira a playful little shove. "You can HAVE Carrot!" she said teasingly.
"Ohhhhh no!" Tira cried, pushing back, just as much in jest. "I don't want him, you take him!"
"You won't foist him off on me!" Chocolate laughed, sitting up and grabbing a pillow, giving Tira a resounding swat upside the head with it. With a shriek of mock outrage, the pink-haired girl siezed the other pillow and whopped her redheaded sister on the breasts. "How dare you!" Chocolate tried to cry through her laughs, pillow-bapping Tira back. Soon, they were bouncing all over the large bed, laughing and trying to strike whatever possible with their pillows.

Carrot Glaces stumbled through his hotel room door, a quarter drunk, half tired, and all the way frustrated. He glanced around and saw that his brother, Marron, was sitting on the floor in a pose of meditation, thinly-muscled chest bare, long raven hair spilling down his back, eyes closed. Grumbling as he staggered towards the bed, Carrot paused as the sound of girlish laughter filtered through from next door. Turning a red-veined gaze on Marron, Carrot was suddenly overcome by a wash of nostalgia.
"How come you an' I nefer haf fun like tha' anymore?" he slurred.
Marron, who had been there throughout the starting laughter, then the loud moans, and finally the screams and cries, before the current laughter, opened his eyes and raised a single eyebrow before murmuring, "We never had 'fun like that', you're not my type."
"Wha wazzat?"
"Nothing, brother. Sleep it off."

~ Fin n.nV ~

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