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Introduction and a question.

Hello all, I've been a member for a while, but never bothered to post.

I *LOVE* yuri and yuricest. I like yaoi and yaoicest just as much, but everyone thinks that I like yuri more. Which isn't really true - I just divulge in yuri more because...well...have you seen how much yaoi is out there? Almost all of the sites I go to are crawling with badly written boylove. Yuri is a more rare and interesting find.


What's your yuricest OTP, and why?

My personal favorite is Urd/Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess. I think they're lovely together, and to me (then again, I have a bizzare mind), Urd seems like she would be willing to try something with her sister. I was cheering when they (technically) kissed in the movie. Sure, it wasn't a real kiss, but...I don't care! It was beautiful! XD I really should pick up the manga sometime.

I'm also very fond of Freya (Dark Chii)/Chii from Chobits. I'm planning to write them in the near future.
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