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My first try at a yuricest fic, YunaXRikku

Hi this is my first time at a yuri type fic, so please be kind.

Title-Yunie and Rikku's first time
Fandom-Final Fantasy 10-2
Rating-NC17-for girlXgirl and sexual stuff
Takes place right after the defeat of Vegnagun.

Posted in other f/f communities, so sorry if you're seeing it more then once.

They had just defeated Vegnagun, I was standing bent over, my hands on my knees, breathing hard. I stood up and looked to my companions, “Can you guys believe, those two,” I was speaking of Lenne, and Shuyin, “they loved each other so much.”

My gaze passed all the people around me, lingering on one face a little longer then the others, “so much that, they held on to this world 1000 years after they were shot,” I felt a single tear fall down my cheek, it was for them. “I wonder what that kind of love feels like,” I said to myself.

Clapping my hands together, I went to Baralai, Nooj and Gippal, “I thank you guys so much for your help,” the three men smiled at me, “your welcome Yuna,” they each said in turn.

“Hey, love, what about us,” I turned around to see Leblanc and her two goons, Ormi and Logos staring at me.

Walking over to them I bowed, “of course I thank you guys too,” although I did not think they had not done much, but at least they tried to help.

Leblanc smirked and tapped her fan against her hip, “thanks, love,” she smiled, “boys were living.” she walked away being closely followed by her two goons, ”yes, boss,” Ormi and Logos called out.

“Yunie, don’t you think we should be going too,” asked Rikku as she came up to me and put her small hand on my shoulder. For some reason I shivered at the touch, turning I smiled at Rikku, taking her hand off my shoulder and giving it a squeeze.

“Yeah, you’re right,” I shyly smiled at my cousin, feeling not for the first time, how much I cared for the girl….could it even be love, I thought…..but were cousins….it does not matter, I can’t help who I love.

Rikku smiled at me, “Okay, I’ll call Brother,” she spoke into her wrist communicator and then turned back to me, Paine and the guys, “he told us he’s be here soon.”

Paine nodded, but did not speak, the boys were not really paying attention, only I was.

I walked up to Rikku, and whispered into her ear, my lips lightly brushing Rikku‘s ear, “But how are they getting here?” I pulled back, blushing, wondering if anyone noticed my strange behavior.

Rikku had felt herself tingle when I leaned in close and brushed my lips against her ear, whispering, she blushed also, not quite understanding how she felt…that feeling… I only get it…when…I am in love…or very attracted to someone, she gasped, it was so wrong but, felt so right. She smiled back at me, “don’t worry, Yunie, Brother said that Shinra invented something to get us all.”

I looked around at everyone, “well great…but lets go find Leblanc, or else those three will be wondering down here forever.”

“Like that’s such a bad thing,” Paine spoke up.

Laughing I shrugged as they went off looking for the three.



Back in the air ship, with Leblanc and her goons back with us, I walked over to the middle of the room, “well we did it guys,” I smiled at everyone around me, and looked over at Buddy, “hey Buddy, you feel up to dropping everyone off,” I turned to the rest of the group, “now that Spira is saved and New Yevon and the Youth League are at peace, how do you all feel about taking a trip, to wherever in Spira you want to go?” I smiled showing them all how happy I was.

“That’s a great idea, you mind dropping me off in Bevelle,” Baralai spoke up, glancing at Paine?

“I would like to go to the hot springs, love,” Leblanc said, Logos and Ormi, looked at her, “Oh us to boss!” Leblanc signed but nodded to her boys. Of course she was talking about the Ronso’s secret hot spring.

“Luca, if you don’t mind,” Gippal smiled, “there’s someone I need to see.” Who he was talking about was a complete mystery to the rest of the group.

“Kilika, would be nice,” Nooj started to say, but glancing at Leblanc, he smiled, “but the hot springs sounds even better,” he went over and stood next to Leblanc.

Paine smiled, rare for her, “Bevelle too.” she glanced over at Baralai.

“And I want to go back to Besaid,” I looked at Rikku who had not asked to be taken anywhere yet, hoping she’d want to come with me.

“Me too,” Rikku glanced at me, blushing so brightly, “Can’t wait to see Lulu and Wakka again,” she lied, well sort of, it would be nice to see her old friends but that was not why she wanted to go, she wanted to be near me.

Buddy nodded and started to fly, dropping each person off. When they got to Besaid, Rikku and I hoped off the air ship, calling bye to Buddy, Shinra and Brother.

Walking into Besaid, we were surprised to see how deserted the place was, “where is everyone,” Rikku asked as she edged closer to me, putting her hand in mine?

I smiled at Rikku, and brought her hand up and lightly kissed it, surprising myself, “I don’t know,” I walked pulling Rikku with me, to my small hut.

Rikku’s stomach jumped when I had kissed her hand, she was glad that she was not the only one feeling what she felt. Finding herself inside my home, Rikku stood on her tip toes, and kissed me with all of her might, her hand finding the bottom of my songstress outfit. She pulled away breathing hard, “Yunie, I’m sorry.”

Being caught off guard, I stumbled backwards pulling Rikku on top of me, “why you sorry,” I asked her also breathing heavily?

“You don’t mind,” Rikku asked me? In answer, I grabbed her head, bringing it done, close to my face, Kissing her soft mouth, my tongue finding its way inside her warm insides, my hands started to get brave as they traveled down Rikku’s slender body, resting on her short skirt. I started to run my hands up her thighs, landing on her hot arse.

I heard Rikku gasp when I started kissing her, she was obviously wanting me, just as I wanted her. Rikku felt my hands start to slid under her skirt and started to moan, as I touched her. Rikku’s hands felt blindly around till they rested on by chest, I moaned when I felt her hands going under the fabric. “Oooh,” I called out. Taking my hands away from Rikku I stopped kissing her. Breathing hard, I stood up. I leaned down and pulled Rikku to her feet.

Standing up with Rikku next to me, I reached down and undid her bikini top, watching it fall to the ground. I looked at her full breasts, happy to see that Rikku did not stop me from undressing her.

“Oh, Yunie,” Rikku started to talk, as she walked up to me and took my hand in hers placing them on her excited nipples. “touch me,” she pleaded.

I gulped, this was all so new to me, I nodded my head no, “just a sec,” I whispered to her. I pushed her back till we were at the edge of my bed. I grabbed the back of her head and brought her mouth close to mine, kissing her hard. Raising up, I gently pushed her on the bed. Standing over her, I reached down and slid her skirt off, along with her panties. Oh, man, she looks so good. I smiled at her taking my own closes off. Leaning down, I got to my knees and spread her legs apart, putting my head down I started to kiss her thighs, going farther down, I licked her, in a fast round motion, Rikku screamed, moaning.

“Oh, Oh, Yunie, that feels so good,” Rikku called out in-between a gasping breath. Looking up at her flushed face, I smiled at her, “good, I’ve never did this before,”

Rikku grinned up at me, as I started to crawl up her body, positioning myself on her just right. One of my legs in between hers. I started to push against her, hard, up and down, Rikku started pushing back. Moaning with joy, I leaned down and started to suckle on her nipples, licking and teasing them with my tongue. Rikku moaned out, grabbing my butt, and pulling me onto her harder, are bodies intertwined.

Going back to kissing her, I was shocked when, Rikku grabbed me, forcing me on my back. With her now sitting on top of me, we both started moving into each other. Breathing heavily I laid there not moving, I was so tired.

Rikku smiled at me, “had enough,” she asked me. When I did not answer her, she smiled, and moved down my body, I screamed out when I felt her tongue, start licking me, and making it’s way inside of me. “Rikku!” I gasped out.

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