Yuricest is best!

Put your sister or cousin to the test

Yuricest is best
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Yuricest isn't as popular as yaoicest (which I also love), but even so, I created this little community for people who are into the idea of m4d yur1 4ct10n between sisters or female cousins, be they anime, manga, book, movie, or TV-based characters. ^_^ Whether you appreciated the tragic love of Sonomi Daidouji for her cousin Nadeshiko, or wouldn't mind seeing Chocolat and Tira Misu in a nice hot bondage session, it's all welcome here!

1. Try to stay on topic. Comment threads that turn in to a discussion of something else entirely are one thing, but for actual posts, try and stay on the subject of lesbian incest.
2. No flame wars, PLEASE. If you need to argue, take it to email or private messages elsewhere.
3. No spamming. If you wanna promote a non-yuricest community or something, there's a place for it. I think community_promo or something/
4. Live and let live. People can't always agree with one another, so try to respect others' opinions.
5. NO homophobes or "OMG INCEST IS SO EEEEWWW!" preachers. If you hate homosexual incest, why are you here? :P
6. If you're posting a) An overly large picture, b) an overly long fic/rant/etc, c) Anything above a PG-13 rating, or d) All of the above, PLEASE use a cut tag! I'd rather not have anyone squeamish stumble upon it and then complain to me in the morning. :P
7. Relax and have fun! XD

And don't worry. I won't bite your head off if you make any mistakes. Just...try and be careful. ^_^

Sister comms:
akane tendo, card captor sakura, cassandraxsophitia, chii, chiixdark chii, chobits, chocolat misu, chrono cross, clamp, d.n.angel, dakkixkijin, dark chii, darkstalkers, dead or alive, elda, escaflowne, final fantasy 10, freya, fruits basket, fukiko inchinomiya, hekiunxsekiun, houshin engi, inuyasha, jenny, joy, kagome higurashi, kanon, kaori misaka, kare kano, kashixkoushi, kasumi tendo, kasumixayane, kikyo, leenaxleena, lillith, lillithxmorrigan, mayaxaya, mayaxsaya, mikage, mikixmiki, miracle girls, misakacest, misucest, morrigan, nabiki tendo, nabikixakane, nadeshiko kinomoto, nariyaxeriya, neoranga, oh my goddess!, oniisama e, orhlaxtia, pokemon, ranma 1/2, rayearth, rei asaka, reixfukiko, risaxriku, sakixkurumi, sakura kinomoto, saraxnoelle, shiori misaka, sonomi daidouji, sonomixnadeshiko, sorcerer hunters, soul calibur ii, soul-half couples, steel angel kurumi, tarta, tatra, tenjho tenge, tenshi ni narumon!, tira misu, tomoyo daidouji, tomoyoxsakura, tonomi, urdxbelldandy, ushioxminamixyuuhi, yukinoxtsukinoxkano, yunaxrikku